Wednesday, 28 December 2011


2011 opened me to a brand new world. It was this year I admitted my other side to four people. It was full of secrets, emotions and whatsoevers. I kept many things in my head as it would be crazy to share it with someone else. Yung tipong alam mo naman ano sasabihin, so what is the point of saying it to other people.

I will leave all foolishness behind. Forget about the wrong doings and try to just improve.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Sometimes I wish I can tell you all.
Sometimes I wish I can just be me.
But I know I won't be able to do so.
Not until...
Probably you won't know ever the reason why I act stupid.

A friend made me realize why I react that way.
I think she is right.
Even in this blog can't tell.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

I seriously think they did something
Late post

Need to keep my cool

I could have answered the question earlier but I just ditched it because I can't reveal what I feel. A friend told me, wala ka mapapala dun. But hell hirap yun. They are no longer at war state pero no discussions on their thing yet. Gluck to you dumbass.

Maybe she is right. The reason why he is gettibg to your nerves is because of jealousy. Pft. This life is so hard. Just so happy was able to breathe kahit papano.

As for * not sure. I think he likes #. Tingin ko talaga.

Should I sleep early? Or stay awake until I am dead tired?

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

right. for sure after tonight they are back in each others arms.

Monday, 21 November 2011


My prediction was right. They are back together. I felt it and saw some clues. Well I shouldn't be affected. But as they say, it is easy to be single if the people around you are single. Ted Mosby was able to survive Lily and Marshall. Well I think I can beat that record. My roommates are together. As in the two people sleeping next to me on a queen size bed are together. Beat that Ted.

I salute you Mosby for being able to stay. But I bet even him doesn't even know how tormented I feel. Easy for them to say that I need not to feel awkaward. But hell. You don't know how I feel.

I must keep my cool. Just two more months and I am free.

This weekend trip home was relaxing. If everyday is just like that when I am with them, then I won't have any problems staying there.

On another note, I was able to tell him. I think he is not interested. But I think he is ... Oh well

And someone knows...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

dark knight

Sabihin niyo ng pagbubuhat ng bangko itong blog na ito, pero this is how I really feel.

During the past days / weeks / months people around me always tell me, "pwede ka na mag asawa." This is because I know how to deal with things. I know how to cook, I know how to listen, I know how to clean, I know how to change tires, I know how to drive and all sorts of stuffs. The problem is I don't have a damsel in distress. I can't see someone waiting for me at the other end. I realized this last night, when I was able to help out many folks, but at the end of the night, natulog akong lonely. Shit I hate this feeling. I don't know what I want. 

I am very positive that I can be a knight in shining armor. But without that person waiting for me at the other end, all I can be is just a dark knight.